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Nature has a magical way of grounding our Soul. The energy around us shifts when you walk into a forest, each of our 5 senses are heightened to such a degree, there might be a feeling inside of you that resembles an otherworldly experience.

Our 6th sense, our natural intuitive nature lights up like a gathering of fire flies in the dark evening sky. Tree’s, shrubs, flowers and ferns they all seem to be able to dance with the slightest of breeze, swaying to the beat of their own music, if you stand still and listen carefully you might hear it too.

The state of solitude when visiting such an uninhabited place as a forest, is far from lonely, the isolation from the rest of the world is a welcomed state of mind indeed. A woodland filled with bush is bound to gift you with exhilaration, a sensation that we so rarely visit in this crazy world we live in.

The chance to see a deer or perhaps a wild turkey, the fascinating and charming world of wild life can bring around our mood from sullen to cheerful in the blink of an eye. The delight of stepping into nature allows our physical body pleasure, our mind is quiet, even if it is just for a moment it seems enough, the constant outwardly noise and nonsense from our day to day life, is never ending.

Our Soul becomes more sensory to what nourishes it the most, delight and joyfulness is what a timberland gifts us. The deeper we trek along the unbeaten path, keeping a keen eye on where we tred as to not step on a tiny critter making its way along, the more the anticipation grows inside of our being.

The arousal of our sense of smell makes the nostrils expand, our eyes seem to clear like never before, allowing us to see the tiniest details that swirl around us, our two ears seem to expand as we listen to the chattering birds that fly and swoop from tree to tree, their curiosity gives them courage enough to come a little closer, what a joy.

On this earth where we live, we are blessed with so many places where we can hide and escape, a opportunity to be invisible so we may turn within. Only inward within ourself are we able to glimpse at who we truly are, a connection to our Soul is where happiness resides.

This feeling of merriment and pleasure is with you always, your work is to grant yourself enough time in your day to connect and bask within it. Find yourself a magical forest and take a stroll with your very best friend – You!

May You Find Truth
Annanda x