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Natural Intelligence


We humans are born with something as natural as the way the water flows in a river after a violent rain storm.

Our intelligence has always been regarded as the seeds of our mind, what we think we know comes from everything we have absorbed into our brain over the course of our lifetime.

This ability we have to acquire and apply knowledge and skills is considered our brainpower, and we rate our IQ based on our intellectual capacity, or smartness might be another word.

In this world our intelligence is rated on how our mental capacity can comprehend and articulate our so called cleverness, in other words you are either considered brilliant or you are not.

All the while we grow up believing that we are either smart or just like everyone else, average. While this may be true in terms of our Ego’s intelligence, it is certainly far from the truth when we speak about our internal and natural intelligence.

Each and everyone of us has a gift that we are born with and this gift is very much a part of who we are, we are all very special, if you will allow me to use that word.

This strength that resides in the core of who we are is called our intuition. It is a skill that we naturally inherit and bring with us when we are incarnated, there is no scale to award it’s genius, our intuition is a priceless artistry.

Very few humans trust this natural endowment and therefore over time it shrivels and becomes dormant, lifeless in our body it waits and waits, years go by and it is never acknowledged.

Our intuitive nature like anything else in our human vessel has a need to be nurtured, if you are courageous enough to recognize this gift within you, it will most certainly award you with boundless knowledge and quality advice.

If your natural intelligence has been sleeping like the beauty in the famous story (sleeping beauty), perhaps today will be the day you decide to wake it up.

It is never too late to begin strengthening the magnificent and trustworthy power you hold within you.

You are brilliant in your own right, and no-one should take that from you.

May You Find Truth