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My Fear I Know, Has Got To Go

My Fear I Know, Has Got To Go


Fear has a way of denying us in a very big way. Half of our life we give into fear, therefore robbing us of the way we dream of living and how we would love to live.

Courage is not getting rid of fear, but moving forward with the fear. Courage comes all wrapped up in many different packagings. Perhaps we must imagine embracing courage not with the expectation that we have let something go entirely, but instead if we recognize that courage can help us float with our fear, we would have a better chance of facing what holds us hostage to living our best life.

There will always be something to be fearful of, even if we carry a truck load of courage on our backs every day. Life has its challenges, but it’s the challenges that help us to grow and evolve, without them we would only stay stuck in our ancestral mud of behavioural patterns.

Fear is necessary you see, it allows us to connect to our inner strength, which is our personal power and the rocket fuel that ignites our Soul. Fear is an unpleasant emotion and there is no denying that it can make us afraid, even of our own shadow.

Fear is worry which can create anxiety, which causes us to worry more, sometimes it seems fear is a vicious cycle that keeps us in a painful and panic filled dread day after day. Maybe the key is to change our attitude about fear itself, instead of being afraid, what if the difference was we made fear our friend!

Use fear as a motivator instead of a ball and chain. What if instead, you embraced the fear that was holding you back from a dream or a goal? Often when we face our fear head-on, it doesn’t turn out to be the big dark monster that we have been avoiding and constantly distressed about.

Don’t put off or avoid acting on a dream because you are too afraid, fear is only a delusion of your mind, it isn’t real, fear is only what you have been programmed to believe is real.

Work on deprogramming your internal computer, update it with a new software, and one that is ‘real life friendly’. 

May You Find Truth