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Moving Through a Shift

Moving Through a Shift


You wake up on morning and you don’t want to get out of bed. The weight of the world has been crushing your shoulders for far too long.

There is nothing appealing about your life to want to get up for, so you just lie there, wondering, what is this all about!

There is a very good answer to your question, your ready to evolve. Our Soul is a very intuitive being, it knows very well when it is time for us to grow and expand.

At first it will gently nudge us, giving us ‘feelings’ that we might not understand. An ‘out of sortness’ inside of our self that doesn’t want to go away. We don’t pay much attention to it, perhaps we just tell ourselves we are a little depressed.

We make excuses, like the weather is getting me down or I’ve gain a couple of pounds and I’m feeling too lazy to go to the gym. A little while later our Soul will nudge us again. This time the ‘feelings’ are more intense.

The ‘under the weather’ emotions are right at the forefront now and we are experiencing something really uncomfortable. The depression has come again, and this time it is more difficult to ignore it. But we do, we make excuses like my job is stressing me out, my parents are too demanding or the car is acting up again.

Once again, it all subsides and we get on with our everyday life.

Then out of the blue, we wake up one morning and there it is again, only this time when we open our eyes, all we can do is stare at the ceiling. Nothing else will move, your physical body is immobile.

You bring your attention to your belly, as it rises with your inhale and softens with your exhale you ask yourself this question – what is happening to me?
You hear a gentle whisper, it is coming from deep inside of you and it is the answer to your querry. A very little voice speaks softly and what it says makes you smile, “what is happening to you is something really amazing, it is time for you to transform”.

When our Soul nudges us to grow, it is a gift. When you finally decide to pay attention to what it is you are feeling, be proud of yourself.

Moving through a shift is not easy work. The first step is to make a commitment to yourself, promise ‘you’ that you will do what your Soul is asking of you. Begin to pay attention to the contents of your life. What doesn’t feel good? When you start to take notice of your surroundings, observe and pay particular attention to what your gut feelings are telling you.

The uneasiness you might feel in regards to certain aspects of your life, well, this is your Soul trying to get your attention. If what you are noticing doesn’t feel good, then be rest assured ‘it isn’t’. This is when you begin the ‘Soul Work’.

This kind of work is like nothing else that you have ever experienced, but it is the most rewarding work of all. Change is coming, good changes to make you more at peace with yourself. Move through the process of your Soul Work. Find ways to increase your self-esteem, your self-worth and your self-respect. Somehow all of this in you has been beaten down.

Dig deep for the courage that resides within you, courage is one of the tools in your inner tool box. Faith, trust and hope, are other tools to help you too. Do not be afraid of the challenges ahead. Stay focused on YOU, and move to the new beat of your path.

This is your time to journey, this is your time to make change. Change that will move you closer to getting to know the authenticity of who you are. Closer to the beautifulness that is waiting for you to discover.

Become a Warrior, a steadfast, courageous, combatant fighter, because who you are fighting for is YOU.