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Monday Morning Sunshine

Monday Morning Sunshine


Someday’s it’s just hard to get out of bed, it doesn’t matter how much you like the work that you do, or where you end up in the early mornings, it is difficult to keep those eyes open and the body functioning at the crack of dawn.

The Monday morning blues, we all know this to be a true statement, whichever the day to your start of the week, the first day back is the toughest.

Many of our thoughts that are provoked by our ego and most of what we decide to feel with our head, is what we might call a ‘state of mind’. An attitude that is dictated by our ego.

Our thinking mind most often has a negative perspective when it comes to the outlook on any given day. Our egos disposition has a unruly way of looking at things, so as soon as we hear the word Monday, it’s time to get back to work, or the weekend is over, it loves to shift our frame of mind from a temperament of feeling good to an opposite mood.

And it works, the ego is sneaky and it knows how to catch us when we are vulnerable. The very first thing in the morning when our alarm goes off, in that very second we become psychologically susceptible to our ego and it’s chattery voice.

There is a way however to catch the ego before it has a chance to run off with you to that negative place that makes everything look worse than it really is, the key is to be aware of your thoughts. Once you are aware of what your thinking mind is up to, you can ‘change your mind’ about the situation.

Monday’s are not ever going to be the best day of the week, but they don’t have to be the dome and gloom, most dreaded day of the week either.

As soon as your finger slams the alarm button off, in that very second you can become aware of your ego. In the same moment that you shut the alarm down, you can shift your mind from becoming negative to feeling happy.

‘Count your blessings’, you know what that means, I am sure you have heard this expression many times, so then use it as your mantra when you are feeling blue.

Regardless of what challenges we are facing in our life, and no-one escapes them, there is always something to be grateful for. Wake up in the mornings feeling thankful, it is such a nicer and more pleasant way to face the day.

Waking up knowing that there are other humans that love you, wherever they may be in this world, is a blessing that nothing else could ever replace.

If you are feeling a little sluggish this morning, raise your arms up over your head, give yourself a big stretch and smile.

Life is good, and so are you.

Have a happy day today, but not just today, smile big each and every day. 

May You Find Truth
Annanda x