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Mirror Talk

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What do you see when you look in the mirror? We give so much attention to trivial matters while neglecting our limitless potential. We use tremendous amounts of energy and spend countless amounts of money on enhancing our physical appearance and give but a fraction of our attention to the greatness within us.

As we look in the mirror, what we see is what we want to change, but the change must begin on the inside. Only then will it have an effect on the way that we accept ourselves on the outside.

We all have mirrors in our homes and living spaces, so when you are feeling alone, perhaps the entire world feels distant and every thing looks dark and grey find a mirror so you can talk with yourself.

When you are feeling lost and maybe don’t know how to share what you are feeling with anyone else, find a mirror and just be with yourself. If your scared, find a mirror, because if you look deep enough into your own eyes you will see your soul.

A soul that is there to comfort you in your time of need. Just let the tears flow, cry with yourself, argue with yourself, yell and scream if that is what you need to do, to let go. Your ego is in that mirror also, let the ego and the soul fight it out.

It is your freedom, your free will, your love for yourself that you are fighting for. You are worth the battle. My Mirror Talk has helped me in so many profound ways. It has enabled me to confront many beliefs about myself that no longer serve me in my life now.

It has helped me to let go of the conditioning of my mind to allow me to thrive in who I am suppose to be, my authentic self.

I am sure, like me, that you will find the Mirror Talk liberating, and so very comforting. It is an opportunity to connect to yourself in such a beautiful way, in a very loving way. Unconditional love, just for you.

This technique, my Mirror Talk is simple magic.
I hope you find the courage to try it sometime.