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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Mirror mirror on my wall who’s the fairest of them all?

We humans ask our mirrors to display to us the external beauty in ourself, what we want very much to capture is not always what we see looking back at us.

Seldom do we ask our mirror to help us glimpse the beauty of who we are internally, deep into our soul. Our societal beliefs, the ones that have been shoved down our throats wether we liked it or not, on the surface dictate how we view and accept our outward exterior beauty, our ego has everything to do with these distorted beliefs we have about our Self.

We humans often avoid our mirrors, closing our eyes to the reflection in the looking glass and what it exposes to us. Our reflection is not what we had hoped for, or perhaps as you are aging your twin in the mirror frightens you with the truth of your age.

The actual truth is quite the contrary when it comes to the use of your mirror, it is an incredible tool to use for your spiritual growth and one to be respected and worshiped.

Your mirror reflection is someone you can learn to really trust, more than anything or anyone else. A trusted confident is hard to find in this world, someone you can reveal your deepest and darkest secrets to, without a worry that their ego might accidentally disclose everything to another.

Your mirror however would never tell a sole, what you reveal to your reflection is exclusive to you, and you alone.

Your mirror can provide a sanctuary for you, a safe haven when you are feeling alone and abandoned. It is always available wherever you are, no phone calls to make, no appointments necessary, your mirror is the most dependable source you will ever find.

If there is ever a time when you need to talk, or just simply have a good cry, find a mirror and have a intimate moment with yourself.

Tell your mirror about your emotions, your hurts and your disappointments, shout out your frustrations, softly speak about your dreams and wishes, look into the eyes of the beautiful and raw reflection you see when you glance at your twin gazing back at you.

Mirror mirror on my wall, thank you for revealing my soul to me, thank you for allowing me to watch the beauty of who I am.