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Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I


Over time we get really good at sticking to our daily tasks and routine, so much so that we might make what we do uncontrollably compulsive.

Irresistible urges to stay in the confines of our patterned behaviours can be overwhelming, and they leave us with a hardened sense of misunderstanding.

A misinterpretation and a false impression of who we truly are. On one hand we are designed to follow the rules we have put in place for ourself, but on the other hand we have a deep desire for adventure and excitement as well.

What always seems to comes first is duty and obligation, to a fault and most often to our own detriment. Without enjoyment, pleasure and leisure in our life, we run the risk of feeling down, with an underlying sense of doom and gloom, if there is nothing for us to look forward to or an interest to set our sights on.

It is vitally important to set aside time for ourself, apart from our daily requirements and our compulsion to that which we feel an indebtedness to.

People might judge that you are acting selfish, if you set aside time for yourself to indulge a little! Let those people form opinions, but pay no attention, for what ‘they’ think or feel belongs to them, not you. All of what we introduce and apply in our life that has a positive vibe and good intention attached to it, gives an opportunity for other people to be inspired as well.

So don’t think twice when you truly feel the need to take some alone time to pamper yourself or engage in something that will bring you happiness and a wonderful joyful feeling inside.

Taking a time out doesn’t necessarily have to imply that you are angry or sad, it just means that you are honouring that your batteries need to be recharged. Alone time grants us a moment to imagine and connect to our intuition.

When we are able to listen to the whispers of our Soul, we get the chance to be with ourself authentically, there is no better gift could we grant ourself. Take time to just ‘be’, whatever that means to you.

You and everyone around you will thank you for it. Don’t let other people decide how you should find or define joy!

May You Find Truth