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Man (or Woman) – ipulation

Man (or Woman) – ipulation


When words are spoken with clever control, when someone engages in dialogue using words of influence to distort the truth, what is being referenced is manipulation and it exudes a very negative tone.

Any human that acts within a behaviour that leads them to change, distort, falsify, alter or misrepresent themselves by distorting the truth of their actions or words, is in deed engaging in the disgusting act of manipulation.

These humans are skillful in their manners, they will knead you into dough, squeezing, shaping and moulding you to believe their lies, they are masters of disguise and experts at their virtuoso. Humans with inflated Ego’s believe they are genius to the masses, those of whom they consider the underdog and will have little chance of winning.

Manipulation is dangerous in every sense of the word. Manipulation makes what was once real, a total and complete lie. Before the manipulation began you held onto a truth, it may have been a fragile and sensitive truth, but it was yours.

Humans who indulge and pleasure themselves by manipulating other humans work at taking away your truth, so they can mould a different truth for you to believe. People who are masters of manipulation are like magicians, warlocks with exceptional skills, wizards who perform for the entertainment of themselves.

They marvel in their skill set, laugh out loud and revel in their ability to enchant and conjuror, they are suffering Souls indeed.

If you have a gut feeling, that which you know as the voice of your intuition, your highest connection to your Soul, and your feeling doesn’t feel good about someone who holds a place in your life, trust what you feel.

Do not deny yourself this opportunity to learn a valuable lesson from this person, but at the same time and most of all, value yourself, respect yourself and trust yourself enough to remove your presents from this humans life.

Life lessons come in all shapes, sizes, personalities and experiences, the key is to recognize what the teachings are and move on (quickly).

The ‘truth’ of who we are is a valuable gift and we should never allow another human being to influence or distort it, in a way that does not serve our Higher Good. 

May You Find Truth