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Love Or Fear


Do you ever ask yourself, what am I good at, what is it I have that I can offer to others? At times life can be a struggle for us, not knowing how to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of our Soul. All too often we spend our time and energy trying exceptionally hard to find what we long for, but we end up looking around all the wrong corners.

We get all caught up in what we think we should be doing, and we miss vital synchronicities that would lead us in the proper direction. What seems to be our mission of passion may very well end up becoming our worst disaster if we are not careful.

There is no greater tool for us to use than our built-in intuitive nature. Even when we feel completely committed to our cause, there might be a gut feeling that gives us a bit of a heads-up. If you are stubborn in nature, then it might take more than just a gut feeling to get your attention—life is full of lessons and some of them are learned the hard way, as I am sure you know.

Perhaps this is a good question to ask: is what I want to share in the world based on fear or love? It is a big question indeed, and perhaps one to ponder for a while before you settle on an answer. First make sure you understand the meaning of the word fear.

Dig a little deeper into your thoughts, make sure you consider the Ego’s take on fear because it will be vitally important to your answer. Love is another word that has so many internal meanings. What does love mean to you?

Is love about sharing compassion, does authentic and compassionate love have any connection to fear? I suppose what I am trying to poke at is, if you are longing to bring some harmony into this crazy world, then be careful how you set out to accomplish this mission.

There is nothing about harmony that includes fear. Harmony, compassion and love are the right means to work through when you want to live out your purpose and calling. Resist anything that includes spreading more fear energy into the atmosphere, for there is certainly more than enough already. Be patient with your quest; it will include a lot of filtering.

People will be curious and there will be those who will judge, but there will also be people you will recognize, those are the members of your tribe and the true participants in your calling.

They are the ones with the same quest as yours, to spread love into the world.