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Light From The Universe


Each of us has a light within, a luminosity of brilliance, a master of our own authority and an enlightened interpretation of our Spirit.

This incredible glowing radiance is an expression of our Soul, and yet many humans barely if ever glimpse it in an entire lifetime.

Why are we so easily influenced to dim our light within, what outer and external forces smother and often erase where we are meant to shine? There may come a time when you ask, ‘where have I disappeared, and how will I come back to the Me that I am’!

This human life existence is meant to be nothing more than an exercise in evolution. Perhaps I could explain it in a way when a farmer plants a seed, hoping for it to grow so it may nourish the world.

The farmer gives birth to the seed by planting it in the soil, he is the one responsible to make sure it will grow healthy, he waters it, protects it from weeds and the scorching sun.

One day the seed becomes a plant and that plant becomes a source of food. If the farmer has grown his seed with integrity, then the plant will be a healthy and reliable source of nourishment that won’t harm the world in any way when it is eaten.

Our Soul is much the same as the tiny seed the farmer plants. When we come into this life existence all we ask is that we are loved and protected, so one day we may grow into a mature and happy person, one with integrity so we may assist in the world where we are called.

If our soul has been scorched with criticism and disapproval, if we are constantly reminded of what we are not through judgments of our mistakes, we will not flourish in the way we are intended.

Our life is a vast array of experiences and circumstances, we are the one that makes our choices, if our soul has been neglected in any way, then the blossoming of who we are is stunted in growth with choices that go in disarray.

There is a light in you and this starlight is waiting to gleam, don’t wait any longer for the perfect time is ‘now’.

Begin to nourish your soul in the best way that you know how, nourish it with self-love, shower yourself with joy and know that you are worthy of shining that light that resides in you, into the world.

Much love
Annanda xo