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Life Is Responding To You

Life Is Responding To You


How are you treating your Self, are you honouring your Soul with kindness, compassion and Self-Love, do you recognize when you fall into old pattern, by following your Ego around wherever it goes!

Life will respond to you in a way that you set it up, in other words if you are not walking the Spiritual path you laid our for your Self before you were born, then very likely you are caught up in the Western cause, and that effect will only serve you for so long.

What if your current job doesn’t feel like the real thing, maybe it was when you trained for it way back when and the only thing on your mind many years ago, was landing that dream work, but what if it isn’t your dream any more, what do you do?

You very likely will respond to your situation with what you have been taught about how life works. Security is the key to life, or so ‘they’ say – change comes with a price, don’t go altering the flow of patterns that have been in the family for generations, ‘what, you are thinking of changing careers, or worse quitting your job, are you crazy’!

Not only will the Ego chirp this in your ear using a very loud fog horn, but there will be many persons in your life that will mumble this to you as well, with conviction.

The truth is, if you intuitively feel like you are no longer satisfied with the work that you are current in, you’re just tired of it, if the stress, the bull shit, the egotistical people that you work for (or with), the politics, the unhealthy environment is to overwhelming, why on earth would you risk your physical, mental and emotional health to stay in it?

If you are unhappy in any area of your life, your world will respond to that unhappiness, nothing will seem right, everything looks dark and gloomy, and most likely you will bathe yourself in a big damp and cold negative bath each and every day, nothing grows with mould on it, only the mould manages to thrive.

If you are unsatisfied with your life and you are not willing to do anything about it, your life will respond this dissatisfaction back to you, what else were you expecting? Discontent attracts discontentment!

If you want to experience something other than what you wake up to everyday, you are responsible for that change to happen.

Perhaps simply start with changing your mind, notice how you talk to your Self. Are you constantly in a negative dialogue with your Self, if so, turn your thoughts around.

No one thrives on negative self talk, and besides you are worthy of more than that. 

Don’t be afraid to listen to your intuition, if your intuitive nature is asking you to take a leap of faith, do it, and trust without a doubt it is the absolute right move to make.

Much love