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Life is Grand

Life is Grand


If you make ‘Life is Grand’ your new Mantra, if you were to chant this to yourself everyday at least once, you may actually begin to ’feel’ the difference it makes on how you view your life.

What are we here for, what is this earthly experience suppose to be about? There has to be more to it than just breathing and staying alive.

We instinctively know that we need food to nourish our flesh and bones, water to hydrate our veins, clothes to put on our naked bodies and shoes to wear on our feet.

We beautify ourselves in the mirror because society say’s we must look a certain way if we want to be accepted. We thrive oh so much on trying to be normal, to fit in, but the joke is on us because each and every one of us are far from what the dictionary defines as normal, or at the very least we were born to be anything but.

From the time we are very small babies we fight to express our little Spirits. As we grow up we argue to stand for our uniqueness. Life seems to be a battle to fight for our will on a daily basis. There is conflict with our parents, our partners, our siblings and our friends, heck we fight with the TV when the news is on wondering ‘it can’t be true what is happening in the world’!!

The real truth is we are all here each and every single one of us for a very special reason. To explore, discover and develop the specialness of who we are. Some people don’t like to use the word special, society say’s if we think we are special then we are better or greater than someone else, So What!

There is no denying that there is something remarkable, outstanding and notable about you and it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants to say about it. What ever your unusual might be, it resides in your Soul and it is the part of you that is meant to SHINE, not hide away in fear.

There are so many levels and layers of ourself that we must examine and overcome when we give ourselves permission to be different. When we come to accept in our hearts that it doesn’t matter a damn what anyone else thinks of us.

When we begin to embrace with love our own self esteem and when we allow ourselves the courage to nourish the beauty and goodness that resides deep inside of who we are.

It will only be then there will there come a time when you can chant your little mantra ‘Life is Grand’ and your eyes will fill with tears.

Because whatever it is that is going on in your life, whatever stress, worry or turmoil, it won’t matter at all, because you will see past the circumstance, you will accept the lesson and get on with the learning.