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Life Begins As A Paradox

Life Begins As A Paradox


There seems to be something that is almost impossible to explain, something very important indeed and no matter how hard we try to unravel the answers, it seems that what ever it is has been sworn to secrecy.

‘Life is but a mystery’, someone once said, and they couldn’t have said it better. I know there are times when you are puzzled, confused and bewildered, nothing seems to be making any sense and no matter how hard you ponder and wonder about the circumstance of events, the fog never seems to get any thinner.

It isn’t that you aren’t seeing the synchronicities, because you do, they are around you most day’s bringing something or someone to your attention to help you contemplate. You haven’t had a good nights sleep in weeks, or so it seems.

Your dreams are baffling and they are constantly waking you up. It’s hard to get back to sleep when your mind is mulling over the images and sensations that you see from the darkness behind your eyes.

What seems so serial is the fact that you have always prided yourself in knowing that you can figure anything out, there is nothing that the warrior in you can’t do, but life right now has you at a loss.

Where do I go from here? Maybe it’s not that anything is actually ‘wrong’ about your life, but then why the restlessness, why the sleepless nights, why does your stomach seem like it is always in knots? The Universe is up to something and you don’t have a clue as to what.

The suspense is driving you crazy, and no matter what corner you look around, you feel defeated as to finding any indications that make any conscious sense.

Maybe your looking too hard, maybe you are just making it all too complicated, what if you just surrendered and found some peace in trusting that whatever is happening behind the scenes, is all you need to know, at least for right now.

Perhaps all that is required of you in this moment, is for you to trust, just know that everything is a process to get to where we want to go.

A methodical systematic program of operations is in place, and no one not even you may know what the steps are in order to achieve the particular outcome, only the Universe knows for sure.

Trust what is in place at this present time, stay on your path and don’t get discouraged, this is no time to give up.

Everything is going to be ok, this is a promise you can make to yourself. 

May You Find Truth