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Let It Go


You have been working diligently to get to the cause and root of your suffering. Life, you might say has been troublesome to say the least.

Particularly punishing internally more than externally strenuous, although somedays you feel so physically tired you wonder if you will be able to retrieve enough energy to finish the day out.

Our Ego likes to exhaust us to point of utter depletion, it finds great satisfaction in doing this. It tells us that if we are fatigued and weary then we have done a good day’s work and we are worthy.

Our Ego will also bark out it’s dissatisfaction if we dare to take time and rest, perhaps to read or simply take a break. If we are not doing, then we are lazy.

How dare we be lazy when there is so much to do, when there is so much to be thankful for, when there are others who have so little. Ego say’s we should be more grateful and just get to work, on something, anything to keep us feeling worthy.

You see your Ego isn’t your friend most of the time, it couldn’t care less about your Soul and how much you want to heal and progress with your purpose. It isn’t interested in what you desire, or dream about, our Ego’s mission is to keep us trapped in fear, like the fear we would feel driving in a blinding snow storm on an unknown road. But you already know about your Ego and how it likes to sabotage you, this is the work you have been doing this past several years.

You have been seeking tirelessly for answers to help you understand the truth of who you are. There have been so many ‘why’s’ and ‘what for’s’, and your yearning to understand the inner depths of your decision making process since as far back as you can remember, has been the driving force behind your courage to fight your Ego and the pain it causes you.

When you are aware of your Ego’s wrathful ways, things begin to shift and change within your psyche, the darkness seems to turn to light, and the light gives you a whole new meaning to your life. The light begins to give you answers to the questions that have been tormenting you.

Once you are able to see the great suffering, you are able to do something about it. There comes a time when you must let it go, all of it, whatever it is, it must go, once and for all. You have paid your dues for your mis-takes, your stupid decisions, your selfish ways, your ridiculous excuses, your neglectful thinking, your obsessions and your painful losses.

There is no need to further your suffering, it is time to let it go. Allow your Soul to rise above the black and sticky tar of your Ego’s torturing ways, your Ego has no place in the new life you have been labouring tirelessly to make for yourself.

There is no truth or value any longer in what your Ego say’s you can’t do, because you know better than anyone, what you are capable of, so just let go, and when you do, you willingly open yourself up to an incredible world that you have yet to know.

Let go and let the Universe be your guide from this day forward.

May You Find Truth
Annanda x