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Let Grace Take Over

Let Grace Take Over


Grace is such a lovely word, it has an soft and simple elegance about it.

There are times in our life when approving of grace is ok, we should soften and let our guard down, just for a moment if that is all we can do.

The grace that adorns me is ‘Self Approval’, an uninhibited acceptance of our Self, a disregard for our ego so we may have a time without self judgement and inner criticism. To be able to look at a mirror on the wall and gracefully ease into a smile, instead of a scour.

A simple smile for our Self may be like saying, ‘I approve of me, I honour my journey, there are no right or wrongs, only the grace of the Universes guidance’.

Perhaps there is only a single resolution to each and every one of our problems, nothing in life seems to hold a straightforward or uncomplicated energy, a challenge is a challenge big or small, but what if we decided to effortlessly surrender, with grace!

We humans resist our cease of resistance with all of our might, we submit so easily to the authority of our ego, often without our knowledge.

The ego demands that we relinquish our power and renounce our trust, robbing us of the grace we so deserve.

Some may agree that to soften may make a person vulnerable, but maybe your Soul is asking for this kind of submission from you, how else will you be able to chip away at the wall that has protected your heart for so long.

A wall built with bricks and mortar, tough enough to withstand a war, don’t come to close everything past my wall is off limits.

It may take time for the energy of grace to pass through your wall, don’t be too hard on yourself, one brick at a time, one day at a time, after all it has taken years to build what you have put in place.

Today if you can, ask the universe for grace, a moment to embellish and adorn your Self, garnish your face with a smile and know that all is well, all is as it should be.

Much love