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Learning To Stay Still

Learning To Stay Still


Learning to stay still is an arduous task, we humans are fidgeters, we wriggle and squirm if there is nothing to put our mind to.

Boredom has a way of wearing us down, making us edgy at the slightest sound. Frustration slowly creeps in with the flatness and our restless ego then begins to have a feast on the negative narrative. Along your spiritual journey you will notice times when there is a temporary interval of quiet.

The Universe grants us what it likes to call, a time for us to catch our breath. Often we mistake this time for something else and we may get a little confused with the lull of things.

Compare this gifted time to someone who works long and strenuous hours at an occupation, their responsibilities are extreme, but they are the only one that can get the job done.

The work is tiresome and gruelling, at times it seems like they will never get to the finish line, thoughts of giving up are constant, but they rally on regardless.

Just when they can’t take it any longer, the dinner bell goes off and they are granted time to break and relax.

The ring of the bell is a life saver indeed and some quiet time is just what they needed to give them the boost to carry on.

Our spiritual path can at times become a long and winding road, there will be times when we will feel lost, the markers aren’t very clear and the obstacles in our way will take a toll on our endurance, the path is frustratingly foggy.

This is why on occasion we are granted time, a free and easy space to break from the chaos. When your life’s journey seems to have come to a slow and steady halt, don’t fret that something has gone wrong.

If what have worked so diligently and courageously for doesn’t come to fruition, don’t get discouraged or confused.

The universe might just be granting you some much needed time to take a rest. Sometimes we need space to stay still so we can evaluate, examine and settle in to the place of where we are, in our Self at this given time.

Think of it as time granted for an assessment of where you want to go next, what is it you want from here!

So don’t wriggle and squirm in the quietness, just be with it because soon enough you will be off to the races again at full steam ahead.