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Learning to Speak the Truth

Learning to Speak the Truth


From a Spiritual point of view speaking our ‘truth’, means not only to communicate with our words, but the truth of who we are allows us to speak with our actions, intentions and our integrity as well.

Expressing our truth in such a way that it announces the true essence of who we are at all times organically and naturally, this is the gift of our Soul. When you are able to connect to your inner being on an elevated level, this allows you to express from the place of your kind heart, then you are in fact able to speak the truth of who you are authentically.

The quality or state of being true is part of a process that I call ‘Soul Work’. The process of learning how to access the beauty that resides within us is the process of admission, one must be willing to do the work to reap the rewards.

We all have the right as we journey here on Earth to benefit from the Soul that we are born with. The key is to get to know our Soul on a deep and personal level. In order to do this we must begin to chip away at the invisible walls that we have carefully and methodically built around us since we were very young.

Each brick in our walls represents a past memory. Sometimes in the process of our Soul Work we might feel like our bricks are made from very resistant concrete and the chipping takes longer than we thought. It is important to have patience on our Spiritual journey, after all those walls have been there for a very long time.

The work will not be easy, but as you begin to feel the lightness as the old memories with each brick fall away, you come to understand more about the core of who you are and why you are the way you are. This new information that we gain from the process is vital to how we live our life going forward.

Over time this newness that we discover about ourselves will allow us to make changes in our life, that we would never have had the courage to do before. Changes that are essential to our growth, vitality and our purpose.

Energetically the level of our enthusiasm and exuberant zest for life increases as we continue and carefully walk on our path to wholeness. Life is a process, full of activities and situations and every circumstance of our life has something important to teach us.

The lessons are usually never easy, but with each test and exam you are able to conquer the closer you get to the authenticity of who you are.

This is the greatest achievement with the biggest rewards that you will ever master on this Earth, because getting to know your Soul on a personal level in this life means that you are a very brave Warrior indeed.