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Keep Your Distance

Keep Your Distance


There are so many lovely people on this Earth, those of whom we love, adore and treasure. Our precious families, our valuable friends and admired neighbours.

Human beings who are a part of our life that are trustworthy, compassionate and kind. It is natural for us to desire relationships with other people. It is healthy to have a rightful place in our Tribe.

The Root Chakra becomes out of balance if we don’t encourage healthful connections with other people. Although, at times we may find ourselves confused. Certain people that we care about, treat us in a way that doesn’t support how we instinctively feel we should be regarded.

What is a good karmic relationship?

A connection or bond you have with anyone should make you feel ‘good’ inside.
You have a responsibility to yourself to nurture your Soul in every way.

The people in your Tribe have a responsibility too. Those in your clan should treat you in a way that nurtures your Soul as well.

All of us are deserving of respect. The simple courtesy of due regard. To honour another persons Spirit without judgment or disdain.

Each one of us deserves to be loved. Endearment that should be given with no conditions or constrain. If there are people in your life that don’t value the core of who you are, then keep your distance.

If there are human beings in your life who are not vibrating at the same energy level you are, then keep your space.

If there is another man or woman that is not treating you the way you want to be treated, then work towards detaching from them.

There are all kinds of us on this Earth, we are not all alike.
Be true to who you are, honour your Soul. Respect the person you are inside, and do not let anyone treat you in way that is cynical or damaging.

If there are people, even the ones in your Tribe that you need to keep your distance from, then so be it. You have a responsibility to yourself, to keep your Spirit and your physical vehicle healthy.

Keeping our internal energies elevated keeps us feeling positive, joyful, happy and peaceful.

Hang with people who support the beautifulness of who you are.