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It’s Got To Be About You

It’s Got To Be About You


The time will come when life has to become more about you, than anything else. Synchronicity comes by way of an event or circumstance that shakes the foundation of who you have shown to the world to be, most of your life.

Many of us are given this opportunity to make adjustments in our life, so the root of our infrastructure can become more solid and sturdy in a different way.

Changing up our often rigid and firm behaviours is a deep and spiritual process, no adjustment to our ego is an easy task, but it is one that can be achieved with patience and self-love.

Our life experience is not meant to be lived in constant suffering, it is only our mind that convinces us of this fate. ‘Why me, I don’t deserve this, why can’t I have what I want, I wish I was happy, I hate not having enough money’, all of these statements are provoked by our negative thinking ego, to keep us locked in self pity and despair.

There likely will always be something to worry about, stress about and ponder on, in our everyday existence, it isn’t easy living in a world will so much chaos and disarray.

But think about how much importance you place on what you know you have no control over, where do you over spend your energies, what are you stressing about that gives you very little in return to balance your inner scales?

Truth is a quality that we misunderstand, most of what we believe to be the truth is a lie, the way in which you think is not the truth of who you are at all. Your ego has been feeding on other peoples beliefs, customs, opinions and judgements since the day you came to this earth.

One beautiful day, you will decide to ‘change your mind’, and on is the day you will realize it will become more about you, than them or anything else.

If this life changing day has already shown itself to you, and you have returned to your rightful spiritual path, congratulations.

The road to rediscovering your Soul will be full of incredible synchronicity, mystery and magic, ah ha moments that will make you cry, never give up once you find your way to this golden road, because it is the path that will assist you, in finding the truth of who you are. 

Much love