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Is It Time?

Is It Time?


As humans the main purpose of our sole existence is to expand the wisdom of our Soul. All of what we encounter in this reincarnated life is to aide us on this journey.

Every circumstance, every hardship, all of the beauty, each and every single person that crosses our path, even where we end up living and making a home for ourself, all plays a vital role in fulfilling our life’s task of becoming more enlightened.

There will be many wonderful experiences as we walk our path to greater knowledge about ourself, some of these impressions will take our breath away, the synchronicity of the event will leave you in awe, but as you know there will be times in our life that we may explain as being unfortunate as well. Some of what life offers us will need a tremendous amount of effort or skill to understand and deal with, unfavourable circumstances of events are part of the process to higher learning.

These kinds of demanding and unsuitable times in our life are to be expected, for it is during times of hardship, emotional or otherwise that we are to learn the most about ourself. Life is meant to be difficult at times, but life is not meant to harm us.

If in some way your life is having an adverse effect on your soul, in other words you are not allowing yourself to live in the integrity that you deserve, you have somehow taken a detour on your life’s path. It is not uncommon for us to get stuck in the mud of a relationship, a job, or an external situation such as a home or place on the map, our work is to somehow see where we have detoured in the adverse direction and make it right again.

Everything has something to teach us, but our lessons are not meant to harm us emotionally or mentally, to point of no return. If you don’t feel good in an area of your life, if your intuition is screaming at you for change, then indeed you have outgrown your situation and it is time to move forward.

There is a little voice inside each and every one of us, and if this voice becomes a noise that keeps nagging at you constantly, it is time to open your eyes and expand your heart inwards, chances are you are not taking care of ‘you’ in the way that you are meant to.

Detours are not always easy to pick up on at first, it might be a long time before you realize that you are heading in an unfavourable direction, but rest be sured, if you are on a path that is not serving you well, your soul (your intuition) will let you know about it and it won’t stop until you begin to pay attention.

Your work is to listen to your gut feelings, listen to that noise that won’t stop yelling inside of you, it is your friend, not your enemy. Life is suffering as Buddha is known to have said, this may be true at times as we all know, but life is not meant to harm us, and if it is, then you have traveled further than you were suppose to with someone, something or someplace.

Find the courage to make the changes you know you need to make. 

May You Find Truth