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Integrity versus Boundaries

Integrity versus Boundaries


In this World where we live, we hear a lot of talk about strong personal boundaries.

You might hear it from your parents, your friends, co-workers, your therapist or mentor, all of whom have great wisdom to share about how to position boundaries and very important – how to keep them intact. 

I’ve done my fair share of spreading the word about how important boundaries are. Actually this topic has been a big part of my own Soul Work.

I have just one question to ask you, ‘how are you doing with those boundaries anyway’??
It’s hard work isn’t it?

Constantly reminding oneself, what division goes where, and what borderline parameters are for which person, was it him or her or that relative over there?

Certain boundaries for certain people, and remembering which one is for whom.

What if there was something we could do that was less challenging and more sound in construction?

What about replacing boundaries with integrity?

What about having the quality of just being deeply rooted and sincere with ourself?

Maybe working with boundaries is a little too complicated, fearful and hard work because they are often very brittle.

It only takes one word or one action from someone and they snap off, leaving them with little strength.

Being so deeply rooted in your Spirit and your inner honesty makes falsehood not an option.

Anything that is not trustworthy, honourable, reliable, sincere, fair and/or dependable in your life shouldn’t be in it.

There would be no dilemma in the first place if we had never lost touch with the greatness within us, the all-important person that was born with our name.

Integrity is getting back to that place where we honour ourselves. Integrity is about strengthening that ‘we’ matter, and it is ok to love who we are and that we might want to protect that beautifulness about ourselves.

Begin to speak more of your ‘truth’, and if some others find you ‘difficult’, that is their problem, not yours. I would worry more about living my life being true to who I am, than I would wondering what anyone else might be thinking about me – who cares!!!!!

Because at the end of each and every day, you want to turn out your bedroom light knowing that you took really good care of yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally that day.

We all have a responsibility to ourselves in so many ways.

It isn’t so much about setting personal boundaries, it is much more than that, it is about having integrity; being honest with our Souls.