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Indigo People


There is a species among the humans, that are quite different from the masses. There are many names given to these kind, but there is only one that fits their purpose, they are Indigo People.

This savant species are like the solitary wolf, preferring to travel alone separate from the pack. Often they seem like a chaotic be-hive queen, the ruler with a cause, a keeper of the kingdom. Indigo People crave a rain soaked forest and wide open oceans.

Whatever it may be that allows their hearts to soar, basked with the energy of freedom, this is their food and nourishment. Moonlite nights, fire flies, pixy grass and flower fairies, these are the best and trusted friends of the Indigo, they are children of the Universe.

These are the Souls that are here to get it right. Indigo People come to teach the light, they are the king of insight and a master of intuition. They trust their inner guidance like a new born child trusts the one that gave it life.

Indigo’s are born under rainbows, prisms of fantasia, miles of psychedelic multicolour, magic and mysterious like a mirage in the desert promising hope with the illusion of water. Indigo, is it all but just a colour?

Some may think so, but I think not. Blue-green and ultramarine, are the eyes of this rare and precious species. Like a garden of lavender, their aura is aromatic, distinctively sweet, but to some odorous and overpowering. Indigo’s desire is to wake up others and show them another way.

They want to give you a good reason to see how the other method could be a good idea. Indigo People are the gate way, there is a voice inside of them that whispers all day long, urging them to speak to you, ‘take a look at the truth’.

They have come as earth people from a planet unknown to mankind, with a spiritual quest to teach humans to look within. Indigo’s want you to see who you are beyond the surface of your mind.

If you are lucky enough to know an Indigo, listen with careful ears, learn what they have to offer you, trust that it is ancient wisdom from a wiser land unknown.

If you know you are an Indigo Person, march on Spiritual Warrior and let no man or woman alter your cause.

May you never forget you were sent to earth with a mission, hand picked by a Higher Power, may the force be with you, always. 

May You Find Truth