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I’m Only Human!

I’m Only Human!


‘I’m only human’, do we say it sometimes as an excuse for the behaviours about ourself that we don’t like, don’t want to face, or don’t know what to do about?

What might be ironic is that some of us that use this phrase, ‘I’m only human’, may very well not be a human to begin with.

Never the less, whether we are human from this planet, or something else from somewhere else, we are here in this present life experience in human form for one particular reason.

The objective reality for the state of our living, breathing and existing is to find our way to our Soul. Each of us are born with a clean slate, as babies we know nothing more than the true essence of love, this is our Souls intrinsic nature.

From that very first day we arrive on this planet, the conditioning of our mind begins. This programming continues each and everyday there after.

Every single day our minds are subject to our experiences, our surroundings, and the energy of everyone else around us, whether any or all of that is good and not so good, it has an everlasting effect on our Ego, and it leaves an impression on our Soul.

At some point in our life there will come a time when the Universe decides that we are ready to face the truth about all of that conditioning. You have two choices when this opportunity shows itself to you, to run like hell or face the music!

Either choice is neither right or wrong, there will be consequences regardless of what you choose to do. If you choose to ignore the calling of your Soul to heal from the conditioning of your mind, it is quite possible you will get physically ill and suffer.

If you choose to answer to the whispers of your Soul and you decide to begin your Souls work, which brings me back to the particular reason you are a human to begin with, you will have no choice but to face all of the fears that have plagued you the whole of your life. So you see, whatever it is you decide to do, it will be a difficult, and painful journey.

There is one exception, if you select to face the challenge of your fears, you will without a doubt be rewarded. Each time you elevate the vibration of your energy, meaning each time you shed a layer of your programmed conditioning, the Universe rewards you with a certain amount of freedom.

This freedom comes from you letting go of one of those fears that has been stifling your Souls growth. Being a human is not an easy task, some of us will complete our Souls mission, some of us will not.

What is wonderful is we are graciously gifted with ‘free will’, a little extra bonus for us to use to help us along our way in this life, my suggestion is if you seemed to have lost or forgotten how to use this gift, begin to find your way back to it, free will has a value that can not be denied.