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I Am Heaven, I Am Earth

I Am Heaven, I Am Earth


It’s wonderful isn’t it, that we as humans belong to the heavens as much as we do the earth!

Heaven is a place we believe we transition to when we die.

If we live a life with integrity there is no doubt that heaven will be waiting for us when the time comes, with open arms. This belief seems to take the edge off of what we humans fear the most, death.

We regard heaven as a place of peace, no more suffering, no more struggles and no more worries.

Heaven is the place where we are reunited with those who have passed before us, the ones we miss so terribly.

But there is an irony in our beliefs.

Very few humans are conscious enough to understand that heaven isn’t just for when we die, heaven is for the living as well.

If I told you-you could have peace without suffering, without worries or peace without the burden of your hungry ego while you were living, would you believe me?

Earth is where we live, earth represents our human life, where we feel rooted and grounded and all things external.

Earth is what we own, what we do for a living, our friends and family, we what desire and our plans for the future.

Heaven, on the other hand, is the opposite of all what earth represents to us. As much as earth is necessary for our human existence, so is heaven when we die, but the irony is we can enjoy heaven while we are still alive.

Where lies the golden key that opens the door to assist us in a more peaceful existence, while we are here struggling to survive an earthly life?

The answer is quite simple, there are no snowy mountains to climb, no dangerous jungles to trek, quite the contrary because what will provide you with the golden key is nesting right inside of you.

An opportunity to become more consciously aware, is to begin to understand what it is that keeps you locked in and unaware, completely unconscious of the world within you, it is your ego that holds the magic key and it just won’t let it go.

Your ego isn’t going to give you your golden key, not freely that is.

You will have to work hard to convince your mind that you deserve peace, and you will if that is what you truly want.

Heaven is a stone throw away, the more conscious you become, the more you can see it, feel it, touch it and live it.

Much love