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Humanities Sufferings

Humanities Sufferings


There is not one corner of our World that is able to escape some kind of suffering.

We see it everywhere we go. Unhappy and disconnected human beings roaming this Earth, in an almost state of confusion.

The lack of understanding of our species on a personal level is disturbing. With so much disorder, disarray and doubt within our human mind, it is no wonder that the state of being bewildered is predominant.

What are we so perplexed about, and do we realize how confused we are? Unconsciousness is an epidemic.

Perhaps someday there will be a vaccine to help remedy the symptoms. There is no shortage of medications to master the mental and emotional conditions prescribed for naiveté. Pills by the dozens to help mask the suffering, keeping us oblivious to the realities of our existence.

Remaining unconscious is exactly what our Ego demands of us. An entrapment of lies that swirl around our heads, each and every second of our waking state.

Somedays the noise in our mind is so incredibly loud, it can cause ‘temporary blindness’ – a state in which one is so doused in Ego fog that the eyes become blurry. All the blessings that enrich our life are lost behind this dirty, dark smog that clouds our mind.

There is a cure for this aliment, a very old and wise remedy, one that has been carried down from the Sages. Preserved wisdom that has helped repair and heal for generations. Those who have wanted to restore their health, their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being have had incredible results from this sophisticated philosophy.

There are no drugs involved, and even the poorest of people can afford it, it is available to all mankind, regardless of colour, race or status. Becoming aware that there is more to us than what our Ego dictates, becoming sensitive to our authentic nature and courageously recognizing the truth of who we are, this is the ‘wisdom cure’.

Consciously awakening from the realization that there is more to life that what see, there is so much more than what we feel. Becoming conscious allows us to connect deeply to our inner senses, it allows us to arouse the Soul within us.

To end the humanities sufferings we must, one by one awaken ourselves from the sleep that keeps us trapped in the thoughts that restrict our minds. Clear your eyes from the temporary blindness, remove the fog that is clouding the way of your enlightened path.

You deserve to be happy, but most importantly you must believe you are worthy of peace and joy, you must understand your entitlement to such blessings before you can really embrace all of the goodness of who you are.