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How Cold Is It

How Cold Is It


What happens when the warmth of your Soul manages to cool down the Ego Mind?

It can actually happen you know! It begins with your first breath of the day, the one you take when you become consciously awake enough to get out of bed.

As soon as you wake up so does your team, the good guy and the not so good guy and they are both eagerly waiting to see what you will choose to do – smile or frown.

If you immediately adopt an attitude of joy then your Soul rejoices and everything feels warm and fuzzy inside.

If your attitude is fret, anger or resentment, then your Ego’s chest expands like a pigeon on show. The choice is really yours for the taking, to embrace each new day with optimism and compassion or the very opposite, fear and regret.

The wonderful thing about life for us humans is we actually do have choices, regardless of where we are, who we are, or what our life circumstances are.

We have the gift of free will, but what good is free will if we don’t know how to connect to it and use it so that it works for us in a positive way.

Situations can beat us down, we have all been hit with something uncomfortable in our life, some more than others, but we are resilient, tenacious and indestructible, it’s true, just think about it.

Think back at what you have overcome, I can guarantee you will say, ‘I don’t know how I got through that’! But you did, because that is what we do, we have built in mechanisms that help us to cope when the going gets tough.

The key is to not get stuck in what you have on the surface overcome. The Ego’s breath is that of ice, solid and steadfast it gains momentum from fear.

The more fearful you become the colder it gets and the less your Soul is able to express its self through the feverish chill.

Smile at yourself this day, don’t allow your Ego to keep you locked up in an unpleasant feeling of coldness.

The air becomes fresh and warm when you allow your Intuitive nature to wrap it’s arms around you.