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Happiness, To Shop Or Not To Shop

Happiness, To Shop Or Not To Shop


As human beings, we experience a state that some might call joyfulness.

This state of being can also be felt in the heart and Soul of who we are.

Actually, when happiness is felt inside of us there is a deeper sense of pleasure that arises.

How do we know the difference? When it comes to happiness and contentment, when are we truly feeling the real thing?

Our Ego loves to indulge and devour on the level of surface, our unconscious self. Our unconsciousness talks us into material purchases and the ideals of bigger and better—more is more, not less.

Our Ego helps us to buy nicer cars, another pair of shoes to add to our already overflowing collection, boats, bigger houses, bigger TVs and any other new toy that comes on the market.

These are the more extreme cases of Ego-clinging, but there doesn’t always have to be a big hole in our finances to top up the Ego.

The Ego has its way with us in many different forms, and the point is our Ego finds joy and happiness most often when we are out buying and accumulating, replacing and replenishing.

This kind of fulfillment is sadly temporary and is falsified happiness, far from the real thing. What is supposed to make us happy anyway?

The state of happiness can be a very confusing subject. The answer is really very simple and uncomplicated: It all comes down to being conscious.

Although perhaps happiness seems more like something we see in a big-screen movie, rather than anything we experience for the long term on any given day, or not usually anyway!

Genuine and authentic happiness comes from the place inside of us that allows us to feel with complete and sensitive emotion.

An emotional state of being that can actually be felt in the physical body as well as in the emotional and spiritual parts of who we are.

For example, a walk in the forest might trigger us to take deep breaths, and when we breathe out we feel “something,” and sometimes that something even brings a tear or two.

Perhaps when we hold a new baby or play with a child, we feel a connection with that little one and our insides swell with love.

These are the sentiments of true happiness.

Material things are nice, and they make us happy in the moment of purchase, but true and lasting happiness is there for us anytime we want to tap into it.

It is our conscious awareness of recognizing the good and positive in our life, and those kinds of thoughts don’t cost a thing.

Joyfulness is living from the Soul of who we are—it is all about the simple things in life, and that is why finding happiness doesn’t have to be complicated at all.