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Happiness Derived


What is it we all say when someone ask’s us what we want? ‘I just want to be happy’ is the usual reply, but most of us don’t really know what happiness really even looks like.

Happy is a word that we have used because we have been taught that it is something that we should acquire to make our life whole. So the outcome of feeling whole is pretty far fetched for most of us, if we keep asking to be happy, then it must mean we are not.

What if you changed your ‘mind’ and instead of wanting and yearning to find happiness, you just appreciated each day for what it had to offer you?

What if the best feeling in the world would be realizing that you are perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed, and had been searching most of your life for!

No matter what, there will always be something going on in our life that will make us feel unhappy from time to time, that is just the way life is.

We are meant to learn a great deal from what causes the unhappiness. As uncomfortable as those times are, most of it is unavoidable until we discover, accept and appreciate the lessons. Do you notice that a lot of people have advise about being happy (including me), everyone thinks they have the answer.

There isn’t any simple statement, word or action that is going to bring on that feeling of cheerfulness, when inside you are not feeling particularly joyful at all.

Perhaps the misery you feel when life gets you down is something to surrender to, if we don’t give in to what we feel inside, how can we do anything about it. If there is something that you aren’t feeling necessarily happy about today, so be it!

My suggestion is try to dig a little deeper, sit with your less than gleeful feeling, perhaps it will have a lot to say to you if you really listen.

Just being present to what it is we are feeling, instead of constantly searching for what we can’t seem to find, is when we can truly begin to understand what it is that keeps us saying ‘I just want to be happy’!.