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Guilt Can Weaken You

Guilt Can Weaken You


Condemned by our own mind, convicted and damned, guilt can grasp it’s judgemental and offending arms around us with a grip so tight there is little room to breathe.

All it takes is one incriminating word from someone and our Ego lavishes in the opportunity to bring us into a state of regretfulness and doom.

Caught off guard, another persons words or even our own thoughts can bring us into a state of accusable remorse.

Guilt is an evil force than can bleed us dry, siphoning our happiness until we feel empty. Regret, shame, dishonour, these are all symptoms that draw energy from our spirit leaving us in a fatigued state of self-condemnation.

We can feel guilty for just about everything, at anytime and anywhere, at any given moment. Why does guilt often raise it’s ugly head to torture us so?

Guilt is the Ego’s way of trying to keep us trapped. Our mind loves to play tricks on us, it uses it’s magic to delude us into believing that old ways of doing, thinking and speaking is the only way to live.

It uses guilt to lock us up, hoping that we ourselves will throw away the key to any thoughts of ‘letting go’. There isn’t anyone of us that hasn’t acted out a decision that we wish we could take back and reverse.

The problem lies in how we perceive what we call ‘mistakes’ in life. Was it really a mistake that we made, or was it a course of action that allowed us to learn a very valuable lesson.

How are we to grow spiritually if we don’t allow ourselves to trip up sometimes? What anyone else has to say about us, is their problem, not ours, after all our life is none of anyone else’s business.

Guilt is a waste of time, there isn’t anything you can do to change what transpired, you can’t revise how you acted, or take back what you said, that makes you feel so terrible now.

What you can do is forgive yourself for being unconscious at the time. Learning from our insensibilities is how life is suppose to be, it is what takes us from the unconscious to consciously knowing, so next time you find yourself suffocating from feelings of guilt, have a good cry and let it go.

You aren’t the only one that has muddled up, made a blunder, or had a slip of the tongue moment, we can all miscalculate life in some way that we are not often proud of, but humans are like that, we have to slip-up to grow up.