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Good Stuff Happens to Good People

Good Stuff Happens to Good People


We all love the good stuff that happens to us and there are plenty of frowns when anything ‘not nice’ comes our way, I suppose that is what we might call ‘human nature’.

Our hearts sing when we are happy and we cry when we are not. Perhaps there are times when all you muster is to look up into the sky and ask a lot of questions about ’why’, usually when the tough situations get you down.

It seems there is never a time goes by when we aren’t looking for answers to our questions about life! Happily marching along on our usual path, everything seems ok, and then out of the wild blue yonder the Universe throws a brick in our way.

It doesn’t always have to be a negative brick, every once in a while we get a brick made out of gold, either case we trip and sometimes fall. Each and every block that seems to hinder our path is placed there for a very good reason and always to get our attention.

Just like the saying goes ‘the test of time’, we are, it seems being tested all the time. But who is it exactly that is constantly putting us under strain, experimenting with our inner strengths and capabilities? Why do they go to such measures to test our performance in this life?

The answer is very simple, it is ’you’.

The Soul of who you are is responsible for everything that happens to you, good or not so good (I don’t like that word bad). So you see, it is all about you, it is all about the choices that you make and how and what you learn from each of those choices.

There is never a wrong decision, if you are in a place in your life that doesn’t feel good, work, home or otherwise, it is because you made the choice to be right there. Lessons for our Soul’s growth come in all configurations and formations.

The big question is why you made the choice you did and what valuable lesson of growth does it have to teach you? Those that are able to move towards finding clarity, and it always has something to do with breaking the ‘mold’, those Souls get to elevate and with a few more gold bricks.

Shattering the fragments of how we have been moulded is not for the weak or feeble.

Working towards discovering the real Truth of who we are is exactly why we are here and those that choose to do the Soul work will be fruitfully rewarded.