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Getting To The Healing (Part Three)

Getting To The Healing (Part Three)


Synchronicity holds within its messages, a mighty strength of mystical powers. These spiritually transcending and symbolic abilities draw us into their mystic energies, allowing us to reach deeper into the psyche of ourselves.

Synchronistic events happen to all of us, regardless of where we are on our journey. It is believed that when we are spiritually seeking and our intuitive nature is turned on, we tend to notice the beauty and gifts of our dreams, synchronistic occurrences, number sequences and the like, much more often.

Synchronism happens when two things come together in union, creating a correlation to an event that becomes very meaningful. When this happens there is a vital message that is trying to be conveyed to you, from a force and power greater than your self.

This magnificent energy is with us constantly, watching out for us, giving us continued guidance and helping us to stay on our natural path.

Our will power is the only obstacle that can get in our way from time to time, this is when we end up taking the low road instead of staying on the road that our Soul wants us to follow, in other words we trip up once in a while.

When we do, these are periods in our life that we learn the hardest lessons from, there is something that we must work through in order for our soul to guide us back to the high road. For each and every lesson we learn, we elevate our energy back to the essential energy of our soul, this is how we grow and expand our conscious awareness.

As our energy begins to elevate we become more naturally in tune with our intuition, we also begin to trust more in it’s power and guidance.

As this part of our spiritual process begins to progress, we see how things start to fall into place, what you have been wishing for (likely it is for more peace and calmness in your life) seems to slowly transpire, come about and settle in.

Synchronicity holds the key that allows us to build on our natural and organic intuitive nature, this is the key to putting the pieces of our life together in the way that we so desire.

May You Find Truth