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Getting To The Healing (part one)

Getting To The Healing (part one)


Allowing for our spiritual healing to occur is an extraordinary and remarkable process. There are many mystical realms that will be uncovered and explored, these actions will prove to you that life truly is magical, in more ways than you could ever have imagined.

To begin the process of your deep inner and subjective healing, you must begin to understand what it is to become responsible for this life existence.

Even with no spiritual background, getting to this work of healing will not be difficult, the antennae of your human spirit will begin to embrace the positive effects in no time at all.

Once you have promised yourself that you will begin to view your life as something more than being a victim of it, the Universe will ignite the torch of your Soul and your journey will begin.

No doubt you have been compromising not only your Inner Being, but your physical and mental body as well, and so there will need to be a shift in your way of thinking, you will need to begin to take better care of ‘you’. I

t is important that you do not falter in this part of the process, although I know only too well how difficult it will be for you to focus on yourself, you are so used to taking care of everyone else, but this part of the journey is very important.

Start with something small, but whatever you choose make it meaningful, perhaps you would love to take a walk in the early mornings, before work, or maybe you have been thinking about practicing yoga, or you remember how much you enjoyed painting or drawing at one time, but you let this desire fade away as life’s responsibilities took over.

Whatever it is you choose to do, get to doing it, because when you do, you will begin to feel the positive effects, these feelings will strengthen your courage and your sense of trust.

Nature has a way of healing us with it’s incredible energy, and when we engage in something that we love, our creative juices arouse, excite and provoke us to wake up inside what has long been asleep.

The only difficulty you might find about this part of the process, is getting started, but once you begin you will realize how easy it is to become enthusiastically devoted to your activity of choice.

Discover what your magical endeavour might be today, you may have to try a few things till you find the perfect match for yourself, but whatever it is, enjoy what it brings to the inside of you, pay attention to the ‘happy’ that you feel, because you can trust that it is real. 

May You Find Truth