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Getting To The Healing (Part Four)

Getting To The Healing (Part Four)


Synchronicity is a powerful and magnetic simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly as meaningful coincidences, they may occur with no causal relationship yet they seem to be compellingly meaningful in their relation.

These strong and very influential occurrences happen constantly in our everyday lives, the sole purpose of a synchronistic occasion is to bring us a message.

A significant and profound piece of information is communicated to us in an incredibly unique and undeniable way, synchronicity is meant to ignite our 6th sense, which perhaps is a part of us that has been asleep for many a year.

Our sixth sense is an extrasensory perception beyond our five commonly recognized senses -hearing, taste, sight, smell and touch. Our subtle perception (6th sense) is our ability to perceive a dimension that is unseen.

Our capacity to recognize the mystic realms with our intuition, this is our extreme gift and how we are able to connect to our spiritual experiences. There will be times when a synchronistic event will be so overwhelming and overpowering, your physical vessel may react with an acute intense response.

You may have feelings of anxiousness, dizziness or an emotional breakdown, in this case it would be impossible to deny the information that the Universe is granting you. Although the information that you intuitively receive may not what you want to believe or acknowledge, the synchronicity may be provoking you to make a massive change in your life, and as we all know change is not a welcome commodity for us humans, not always.

Any event that is instigated by the universe that rocks your foundation, is not meant to frighten you, it is simply to give you answers to the questions that you have been asking in your mind.

Synchronicity is a response given as a gift from your Spirit Guides to answer a calling, as you may have been longing for the truth about something or someone or a very long time.

Guidance from a power far greater than anything we could ever trust in our external world, is a precious intention with one purpose only, to ignite the fire within us so we may travel on our spiritual path with ease and grace.

If you are open to finding the answers to a question that lies deep within your Soul, then synchronicity will show itself to you, don’t discount any occurrence that catches your attention and leaves you with a ‘feeling’ inside of your belly, your 6th sense wouldn’t lie to you, trust the information and see where it takes you.

May You Find Truth