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Get Out The Bulldozer

Get Out The Bulldozer


Well not exactly that big piece of metal equipment that has a big bucket on the front of it, used for shovelling heavy debris out of arms way, I was thinking more about this Super Moon that has us all in awe at the moment.

This moon is the bulldozer I am talking about. Full moons as we know are about endings and completions, letting go and moving forward.

It has been a year full of intense energy for some of us, many changes, upheavals and challenges have been faced with courage and stamina, and not to mention a lot of blood sweat and tears.

So while you are starring up and into the darkness of the sky, lit up only by the light of the moon, a moon as bright as a spot light, let it stare back at you, feel the intensity of it’s energy and let your imaginary bulldozer come with it’s big metal bucket to scoop up all of your worries, fears and concerns and let it drag them all into the abyss.

Gone forever, let the stress’s of this year be but a distant memory, let the lessons fall into place so you can move on into this new year coming with grace and ease.

Let the hardships from this last few months that have allowed you to grow and become more conscious, be the exhilarating theme for the months to come.

What good is our Soul’s evolution if we do not recognize the changes, what benefit is the hard internal work if we neglect to expand on the outside too! Do not be intimidated by the excavator that has come to clear your way to peace and freedom, let it do it’s work, by the light of the moon.