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Full Moon Emotions

Full Moon Emotions


Everything inside of us often goes on high alert when the moon is full.

Intense emotions can come to the surface, seemingly out of nowhere.

Why does a full moon have such a profound effect on us?

When the moon is full the gravitational pull of the moon and sun are interrogated. The moon influences a pull on the Earth on other days as well, but it is not as powerful as on the days of a full moon.

This pull of the planets can effect us humans in a variety of ways.

Each one of us will be provoked differently.

Our sleep patterns may get altered.

Some of us might find sleeping impossible when there is a full moon.

Tossing and turning all night for several days can leave us a bit out of sorts.

Our sub-concious mind might play tricks on us, digging up old stuff that we thought we had let go of a long time ago.

Our Ego’s love when the moon is plump and round. So you might notice your thoughts become more chattery and annoying.

The best advise is to pay attention to what comes to the surface. Use the full moon phase as a tool to tap into what has been hiding from you inside.

Full moons don’t have to be annoying or scary, if your usually somewhat of a mess when they come. Aside from the incredible beauty they produce in the sky for us to enjoy, they can be very therapeutic as well.

The energy of the moon gives us an opportunity to connect to ourselves on a deeper level. This is always a good thing in terms of our Spiritual growth.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Explore what you are experiencing so perhaps you can engage in some powerful healing for yourself.

Enjoy this incredible event that the sky offers us, don’t let that big, round, illuminated crystal ball make you crazy!!!