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From Outer-Space


Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering where you really came from?

If you do, don’t fret, your not alone.

There are more than enough of us that don’t feel like we belong here, and maybe, just maybe we don’t!
Perhaps you think it’s crazy, entertaining the idea that some of us might be from another planet.

Heaven forbid, you don’t want to mention it to anyone in fear that they might think you’ve gone off your rocker.

So be it and maybe we have.

I for one know very well that it isn’t easy being an Earthling.

Living on this planet hasn’t been a breeze and definitely a true test of my patience, courage and vitality.

But, it’s where I chose to land this time around, so I’m making the best of it.

If you make your way to living in ‘your truth’, then surviving here on Earth isn’t really so bad.

The process to ‘the truth’ can be slow, so if you haven’t got started yet, I suggest you do.

Living in your truth simply means that all of this worlds worries don’t effect you. When you come to a place of complete understanding (about yourself), then what’s going on around you just rolls off, like water on a ducks back.

When you are able to stand rooted in who you are, no one can deplete your beautiful energy.

There isn’t a person on this earth that can effect your truthfulness and the honesty that you hold for yourself.

Your World becomes the one that lives inside of you.

Ultimately then, it doesn’t matter where you originally came from, because where you are is where you belong.

Find your way to your own ‘truth’, and don’t let anything in your life be a lie.

This is where you will find the peace you are looking for.

There is love in this ‘truth’ as well, lots of it, just for you.