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Fragile We Are

Fragile We Are


What went wrong to cause us illness? Our physical bodies are fragile, they are very much like a computer, we are intricate devices that run off a program so we may store and process data.

Everything runs smoothly as long as we take really good care of our Self. When we become ill it means something has gone wrong with one of our parts, there has been a malfunction in the way we have been processing our life.

Our physical body is an amazing machine, there is a massive amount equipment that is very complicated and detailed, all of our parts are neatly put together into a framework of fascination and magic.

Not only are we flesh and bone, we are a complex of energy as well. This energy of ours is meant to swirl around inside and outside of us in perfect balance, harmoniously and free, energizing our body, mind and soul to keep us healthy. If there is an imbalance in our life, then our energy is grossly effected.

It takes a long time for the energy within us to become sick, it has a magnificent amount of resilience to our outside world and the world within us as well, but eventually like a computer, it can break down if it has not been nurtured and taken care of properly.

There will have be warnings from our physical body to let us know something is not right in our life, symptoms that should have caught our attention so we could have made some adjustments.

Our soul takes the health of our energy very seriously, and it works very hard each and every day to get our attention to the details of our life that are not in harmony with our spirit.

We humans tend to ignore the nudging and the whispers from within, it is scary to think we might have to make some changes in our life. But illness means we must begin to listen to the voice of our Self that often makes more sense than any voice we have ever known.

If you have an ache or a pain or something more serious, it means the energy that you have been gifted with to keep your body, mind and soul healthy, is being compromised.

If this is the case, it is time now to begin to listen to your inner voice and tell the noise you have been listening to far too much (ego), to shut up.

May You Find Truth