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Fearless Avatars

Fearless Avatars


Rainbow Children are considered to be born as Divine Conscious Souls. These special children offer hope to our World. 

There are only a few, but their presence is known and can be felt. They are strong intuitive children, and they know all about integrity.

Rainbow children know that to be psychic is to be normal. To think only using the intellect is abnormal. Rainbow kids listen to their inner gut feelings much more than their intellect, they rely and trust what their Soul is telling them.

These children represent a new future for our planet. A future without ‘authority’, because everyone will be in integrity. We are coming into the age of ‘Mother’. This is an age of feeling instead of only thinking. Our emotions are coming more to the forefront, allow yourself to be expressive, immediate and do not deny yourself anymore.

Let there be no more guilt, only the freedom to ‘be’.
Rainbow children are offspring of the young adult crystal children. They have come to the world with little or no karma. They give off rainbow energy and pure, natural and organic energy to everyone.

Rainbow energy heals mind, body and soul. Think about Dolphins, they have rainbow energy, and everyone loves dolphins. In fact there are many forms of nature that are working overtime to help raise the vibration of our world.

Reiki helps people to heal faster using energy as well. Rainbow children are so significant to our planet, they are further ahead on the spiritual ascent than most of us. Rainbow children are fearless of everyone, they know where their protection lies.

It resides in their trust of their intuitive feelings. Healing themselves and others is their purpose on this Earth. Indigo, crystal and rainbow children are here to show us the way to our goddess energy. Energy that isn’t dominant but is of balance and harmony.

Look at your life and let go of all that doesn’t work well for you anymore. It is time for you to raise the vibration of your own energy. Be open to the guidance of intuitive people, trust for it is for your higher good.

Our planet is tired and outdated, and begging for change.


Trust your own intuitive thoughts, they are your ‘truth’.