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Fear Is A Terrible Thing

Fear Is A Terrible Thing


Fear is a terrible thing, it inhibits our Soul from breathing life.

Like an invisible straight jacket that never loosens its ties, fear can squeeze the vitality from our happiness, until all that remains are memories of what joy used to be like.

There is a monster that lives inside of you, and it works diligently everyday to pin you against the walls that you have built around yourself.

Those internal barriers are constantly taunting you, and with a loud and obsessive voice they chant ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘who do you think you are’, ‘you’ll never do that’.

For far too long there has been a fence around your dreams and it is sealed shut with thickened black sludge, there is not a drop of sunlight that finds its way through the enclosures, only darkness prevails. All hope seems to fade away as time slips by, and you settle for the misery, the lack of and the unhappiness that follows you around like a lost little puppy.

Fear has control of you, but why aren’t you fighting back? Where is your courage and your will to follow your deepest hopes and desires? You have convinced yourself you’re too tired, and to set in your ways to change, what is the point now, there are so many obstacles in the way.

Your fears are too many, too big and too scary, and so you rest in resolve that fear will always have control. You make an agreement with yourself that nothing will ever be anything different. The truth is you need control because it is all you have come to know.

You have over time convinced yourself, that if you are able to seize control, everything will fall into place, there will be nothing to worry about, stress about or think about.

What you have tended to neglect, is managing your control is beating you down, like a game of dominos, when one chip falls out of place, everything follows that lead.

Letting go of everything that we have ever known to be true must crumble, letting go of the fear that keeps us confined to that which represents a very small corner in which we live our life, this letting go will take a tremendous amount of courage.

What we tend to forget is when we are born we come with everything we need to break out of our external prison. All of what you need to escape fear is inside of you, there is a tool box full of courage, faith, and trust ready at your disposal at all times.

Take control, but in a very different way than you have known before, take control of your fear and allow it to wash away and be replaced with hope, faith and trust.

If there is something in your life that is out of balance, tap into your tool box and embrace enough courage to make a change. 

May You Find Truth