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Exposing The Ego, Busting The Demon

Exposing The Ego, Busting The Demon


Ego loves to flatter it’s self, all the while chuckling at the successes of it’s manipulation.

So easily we are taken advantage of, by a voice inside of our head. There is no greater force that holds us back from peace and joy, than the lying and deceitful noise that comes from our mind.

The left side of our brain represents the prison we keep ourselves locked up in, for most of our lives. Surrounded by barbed wire and an electric fence, we adhere to the rules of the game against all odds.

We often make choices we know we shouldn’t make, because the guard that watches over our ego prison is pointing a weapon and we get scared.

We think at times we are courageous, ready to charge forward with new plans that will set the course for a new life, only to be robbed of our lions roar once again.

Why are we so easily drawn into the extortion of our ego mind, what pulls us in, what robs us of our inner strength to change what we so desperately yearn to amend?

Becoming aware of our ego is most of the battle, once you recognize that the mouthpiece inside of your head is the ego, the game then changes up.

Once you become conscious of the manipulative communication that speaks nothing but false and erroneous lies to you, it becomes a case of recognizing ‘old patterns’.

Programmed behaviours that you inherited from your ancestors, fears handed over to you as you grew from a child. These fears came from what you felt were reliable sources, people that you loved, trusted and had your best interest in mind.

You rarely thought about the information that was being passed down, ‘of course it’s the truth, it came from my parents, my friends, teachers, and social media’, what’s not to believe? But the truth is a great deal of what you learned, at some point in your life must be unlearned.

This most special time in your life may come in a dream, or an out of body experience, it may come to you as an illness, or a illness scare, it may be a time in your life when you begin for some reason, to question your existence.

Whatever the case may be, grab it by the you know what and dash as fast as you can with it, don’t loose the momentum once you start the journey, for it will be the most exhilarating, intoxicating, enlivening, and invigorating time in your life to date.

Roar like a lion does when he stands with his mane against the wind, calling to his pride, you can stand like the mighty lion just as well, bellow and howl for your Guides to come and assist you on your new path, after all they have been waiting a long time to hear your calling.

Bravery is inside all of us, what is it you have been longing for?

Much love