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Enough is Enough, Right??

Enough is Enough, Right??


Life can be like that sometimes, day’s when we just want to crawl under a rock, never to be found again. Everything is going wrong and nothing seems to be right.

Waking up in the morning, only to be greeted by our Ego again and again. Our mind thoughts are certainly not who we would consider our best friend, actually our mind can often be our worst enemy.

Our Ego likes to dig up all of the doom and gloom and play it like a broken record, it never lets us forget what we ‘aren’t’.

How are we suppose to rise above anything if all we hear is the negative, nasty stuff that makes us fearful. The Ego has a way of doing this with such ease and grace.

If life is getting you down, if there is something that you are doing, saying or rehearsing over and over again, perhaps the time has come to ‘change your mind’!

If your are stuck in the tar of your existence, what about simply moving from a place of – ‘nothing is working out for me’, to making a new mantra that sounds like, ‘I am where I am, because it is exactly where I am suppose to be’!

Being stuck in ‘what is” – we can’t blame the Ego entirely for that. If we have more to learn, if there are lessons still to question, then nothing will change until you decide you want to.

Being stuck in the mud usually means that we are not ‘getting’ what the Soul is trying to tell us. We don’t get to move forward until we have learned everything there is to learn from the place of where we are.

So ask yourself – what is it I’m not getting? The only way to find the answer is to ‘listen’.

We can’t listen if we are distracting ourselves every minute of every day, to try to feel better. The irony is we end up feeling worse, not to mention tired out and miserable.

Today, is a brand new day, so put on a different pair of shoes, the ones you have been wearing are worn out.

Go for a walk, a run, a stroll and busy yourself with listening to what pops into your head.

This is how guidance channels from the Soul. Answers come when you are ready to dig your new heels in and really listen.

It is up to you!!!!!