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Elevate Your Energy

Elevate Your Energy


Ah, the joys of winter and a reasonable question to Mother Nature this morning – what are you thinking???

This time of year can often put a tight hold on us, one that doesn’t always feel so great. The absence of sunny and bright days, the lack of exercise and too much comfort food to help us with the boredom that often creeps in right about now.

What are the best cures for the winter blues? The last thing you might want to hear me say is, ‘get out for a walk’, especially when the driveway is the first thing that needs your attention, and you’ve got to get the shovel out, uhhh, so you can get to work. Not to mention the temperatures are less than desirable and taking time to put on all the gear doesn’t feel like it is worth the effort. But the best way to raise your level of consciousness is to connect with nature.

The way to really feel a deep sense of peace and oneness is when you engage with something natural around you. Get up and get your body moving, exercise is the best remedy for anything. Exercise empowers us with happy, healthy thoughts. It promotes great circulation in our physical body, while our spiritual body smiles along.

If going outside is a definite NO, perhaps try some simple meditation. Whether you are an advanced meditator or just a beginner, the benefits are tremendous. Meditation comes in all forms. One does not necessarily have to sit on a cushion and pretend to be a Guru to reap the benefits of meditation, even the simple task of doing the dishes, sweeping the floor or reading a book can create a state of contemplation. Anything that helps you to get out of your Ego state of mind and allows you some ‘quiet’ space, acts like a little mini vacation for our spiritual self.

The easiest remedy to elevating your energy, and the most simple solution of all, is just set the intention to raise your consciousness. If you have the intention to elevate your awareness this alone will make you more focused and more enthusiastic about wanting to get up and get moving. It really is just about ‘changing your mind’.

Check your attitude right now as you are reading this, do you need to make a little adjustment? Make everyday count, even the ones that seem a little heavier than others.

In the grand scheme of life, nothing is bad enough to not find the ‘good’ in whatever comes our way.