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Ego and Guilt are Best Buddies

Ego and Guilt are Best Buddies


Self-condemnation has a hold on our mind, more often than not nearly every day. There always seems to be something to feel regretful about. It could be something as simple as one to many coffee’s in the morning, we feel guilty because we think we have done something bad to our body.

You haven’t called your friend in over a week, you know she is going to be upset with you, more guilt! Those new pair of shoes you had to have, really, you have 15 pairs that don’t fit in your bedroom closet already. When you realize you bought them on a whim, the remorse sets in.

Why do we treat guilt sometimes like we have committed a felony crime? We beat ourselves up so badly, going over and over in our head how shameful a human being we are because of our terrible feelings around something we did or didn’t do.

If you want to blame something for your shameful behaviours, point your finger at the Ego. The Ego is responsible for the incrimination that makes us suffer. It is the Ego that should be held accountable for wrongly accusing us.

Let the Ego take the rap, so you can clear your record and begin to feel better about yourself. Each of us has an Ego, which is all of that nonsense that lives inside of our head. From the day we are born, our Ego begins to seek out ways to feed itself. It was born a hungry beast, constantly needed to chew on something juicy. Our Ego loves drama like we crave chocolate.

The Ego likes nothing more than to make us feel ‘bad’ about ourselves, whatever the case maybe. All of what goes on inside of your thoughts, is your Ego trying to drown you in some kind of negative thinking. Guilt is your Ego’s favourite food, and it will lure you into feeling guilty any chance it gets. Our mind works according to its old conditioning.

So recognize when those thoughts come, recognize that these are not actual valid thoughts anymore. If you can recognize your guilt thoughts are only coming from your Ego, those negative thoughts about yourself begin to loose their power over you.

Guilt is just part of that crazy talk that goes on inside of your head, it has nothing to do with you, and none of that talk is real.

Seeking our ’truth’ outside of the Ego is our life’s work. Be patient with yourself, understanding how our mind works takes time.