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Drama (Dirty Rotten Accusations Maximized Always)

Drama (Dirty Rotten Accusations Maximized Always)


The fireworks of drama can be quite spectacular at times. Combustable and fiery energy heated with emotion can set off a rocket inside of us that would surely reach far beyond the moon.

What fuels the frenzy of hysteria deep inside of our bellies at times, I am sure many of us often wonder! It seemed like a petty thing after all when the dust settled and we had time to reflect.

How did the melodrama come to this, what incitement provoked the upset and anger in me? Lets think of our emotional state as a bit like the weather, I think it is a good analogy to help us understand what happens when we loose our cool.

There we are floating around in the sky, a white and fluffy cloud, happy and content. The wind starts to blow a little stirring up a slight breeze, we have to hold onto our cloud a little bit tighter to keep it all together.

The wind won’t let up though, it wants to test the strength of our cloud, so it works itself into a strong breeze.

So there we are trying to hold on even tighter now to keep everything intact, but regardless of our efforts our cloud starts to slowly separate.

The wind has turned to a ferocious gale, it is really putting our cloud to the test. We panic to keep our cloud from completely falling apart.

Then our of nowhere, and totally unexpected a hurricane rolls in and that is the end of our cloud, one last flurry of wind blows at us and no matter how tightly we hold on, we fall to pieces.

We humans like to bottle up our emotions, but over time the jug fills to capacity, leaving no room for us to store and hide what we have suppressed and tucked away, perhaps for many years.

One random day someone will say something, or do something and it really isn’t a huge deal. After all they have been acting this way, or saying those things for years and you have never reacted before.

But there it is ‘the drama’, and it is dirty, rotten and it stinks. The emotional container inside of you just exploded and years and years of ‘stuff’ oozes out.

Drama is a way for us to camouflage where we are hurting inside. Suppression causes us to smother what we are meant to feel. Drama is the Ego when it snuffs out the beautifulness of our Soul.

Drama is a tragedy when the footlights illuminate the theatre of our inner Spirit.

Our lives are constantly filled with upset and turmoil, but it is how we are able to stay true to ourself that keeps the stage of our heart alive with excitement and not with the negative energy drama plays out.