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Don’t be a Fool

Don’t be a Fool


All through our life stuff happens to us.

Some stuff is harder to deal with than other stuff. Each time we encounter an obstacle along our life’s path, we have an opportunity to grow in some way.

Growth in terms of our Souls elevation. The entire time we are in our physical body having this Earthly experience, there is a purpose for us to discover.

One of the greatest reasons we chose to come back for another life time, is to uncover the meaning of unconditional love. If we are really lucky, we will actually experience unconditional love.

Whether that love is for ourselves, which is the ultimate, or unconditional love we may hold for someone else.

Either or both of those scenarios is the very reason we are here on this planet.

I am sure, just like me, you had a specific purpose in mind when you were growing up. ‘I want to be a pilot, or I want to be a scientist’ when I get bigger. As young children we had fantasies about what it would be like to be all grown up.

Finding our way to our true purpose is the other reason why we are here in this life, as who we are.

Some of you might say ‘I want to find my calling’! I also believe, that we hear an inner voice inside of us from time to time, if we listen carefully enough.

Our Soul whispers to us lots of wonderful information. We just have to be ‘awake’ enough to hear what it has to say. Finding your way to your authentic purpose isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of hard internal work.

Clearing out the old conditioned beliefs and being brave enough to adopt new and purer ways of thinking, takes courage, faith and trust.

We all have what it takes though, that is the key. We all have the ability to move forward and advance closer to where we would like to go.
So don’t be a fool. All the stuff that happens to you, don’t let it weigh you down, don’t be a victim, be your own hero instead. Rise above the challenges and the obstacles.

This way you will become a better you. Making your way to your true calling and unconditional love.