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Do You Want Change?

Do You Want Change?


Do You Want Change?

When we are able to tap into that which is naturally a part of us, our intuitive nature, the less we allow ourselves to be pestered by our Ego mind.

There are two separate parts of us, and although this theory is well debated, I do believe that it is true. Our Ego body consists of everything we have learned about living and surviving as a human being in this world. Our Ego is to some extent a powerful force that protects us when we need it.

A voice of reason that we can rely on, when we find ourself in any kind of danger. The Ego mind, is also on the other hand loaded with our past as well.

Previous memories, former situations, past hurts and discomforts that have left an impression on us, so you see it has an arsenal of ammunition that can cause us a great deal of suffering, which it seems to enjoy.

Our intuitive nature, or better known as ’our connection to our Soul’, is the true essence of who we are, it is the part of us that is very different from our Ego mind. Our Soul is our best friend, this is certainly not the case when regarding our Ego.

Our Ego thrives on drama, our Soul seeks only for the essence of love. The Ego wants everything to be in discord, and out of sync, the Soul on the other hand wants only peace and harmony.

The stronger your intuition grows the weaker your Ego becomes, in other words the more you trust and rely on your gut feelings, the less you will allow your Ego to inflict it’s purpose on you.

The internal work involved in strengthening your intuition isn’t easy, it takes a lot of faith, trust and patience. A good part of the process to having a less problematic life and becoming more in balance with your life, is to recognize when your Ego is doing it’s dirty work on you.

As soon as the Ego detects clues to your ‘changing mind’, the more it will try to latch on to what it loves the most, your past, which is old conditioning and contains a ship load of hurt, pain and fear.

Now I’m not saying that our past is all bad, but be honest, there is some stuff in your old memory box that you probably would love to redo, reshape or simply just forget, I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t made a fool of themselves at one time or another!

The key to knowing when you can really trust your Ego and the difference between that and when it is just spinning another tale to keep you trapped, is all wrapped up in the courage you are willing to embrace.

Trusting our intuition, and having the courage to act on what it is whispering to us, is how we should be able to live our life without much hesitation.

Our Ego is only a big ball of delusional fear after all, and it’s daily advise should be taken very very lightly.

May You Find Truth