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Do you believe in Spirit?

Do you believe in Spirit?


What is written in my blogs is channeled from a place that we humans don’t know much about. The title comes to me before I wake up in the mornings.

When I sit down to my computer the words flow effortlessly through my fingers (spelling mistakes and really bad grammar included).

The purpose of my blogs, I know, is to write about what we all struggle with in our everyday lives. When we agree to come to this planet for this life experience we come also with an obligation, to leave this World a better place than when we came.

Being able to master our Soul Work that we are here to achieve is what brings us to a higher level of consciousness. That is the goal of our time spent here, to evolve our Soul. This is what my blogs are about, information that is channeled to me from my Spirit Guides to help not only myself, but all of you who take the time to be curious about life. 

Thank you for reading what is being offered to you each morning from a place that I trust very much exists in the Heavens – Spirit World. I only pass on what is given to me to offer you guidance. Simple words to help bring the wisdom you may need, to direct you to the place of where your Soul resides.

For this is the place of who you really are, the true essence of your authentic self. Your Soul is your biggest gift, and this gift comes from Spirit.
Today believe. Believe not only in the Spirit of Christmas but believe in yourself as well.

For you are a blessed human being in a World that is not an easy place to live sometimes. Today reflect on what you love and who you love.

On Christmas Day adore those who work so hard to make this day special for you. Don’t be sad about those who are not with you, because they are, in Spirit.

I love each and every one of you, those whom I have had the honour to meet, and those of you who yet I have not, regardless I feel your energy, beautiful and divine.

Thank you for appreciating my Little Morning Sunshine, what is channeled is all for you because you are worth it in every way.

Stay curious about life, I will write again in the New Year. My Guides are taking a little holiday.
Merry Christmas and Namaste