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Disturbances of the Mind

Disturbances of the Mind


The stuff in our mind happens everywhere. We leave the country hoping to find a little peace, only to discover the stuff in our head came with us. There is no escape, but there is hope for a little solace, comfort and equanimity.

The mind is distorted with likes and dislikes. It sends us off in the direction of what we like and we end up avoiding what we don’t like; like the plaque. A man finds enjoyment in a glass of whiskey, one ice cube in a small glass, another man can’t stand drinking.

A woman divorces her husband, she can’t wait for the ‘certificate’ that says the marriage has ended to come in the mail. Another woman is desperately waiting to marry the same guy. There is no reason to judge either one of these scenarios, it all depends on how your mind relates to the story.

What is pleasant to us in the beginning might not be so much in the end. Our mind has a tendency to ramble, it babbles away incisively about the past and it jabbers on about the future. So much so it tires us out.

We think to ourselves, ‘I can’t wait for the weekend’, but do we really get a rest? We live analytically and often impulsively by our desires. Attachments are a deadly thing. We hold our connections to people, places and material things so tightly nothing can get between the force that has been created. Devotion, loyalty and sympathy are our Ego’s best friends. External forces can disturb you, but ultimately, only if you let them.

It is not to say that we should rid ourselves of what we like, certainly don’t go around throwing everything away. Perhaps work on becoming whole, don’t allow extra parts of anything be an extension of yourself.

Being attached to something in particular is a condition, but only a condition of the mind. Everything is interconnected, it is up to us to filter through what serves us or doesn’t. It is our responsibility to provide a healthy life for ourselves.

A healthy physical body, emotional body, mental body and a healthful spiritual body, this is what we are meant to work towards while we are here.

Spend some valuable time becoming aware of what disturbs your mind, then move towards altering what you think – in a conducive way that will promote good health – for ‘you’.