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Dear Shirley MacLaine

Dear Shirley MacLaine


In July of this year I sat down and wrote this letter to my idol and inspiration Shirley MacLaine (actress, author, performer). Yesterday, I received a letter back from her along with a beautiful photograph that she signed and addressed to me. I am completely over the moon. My daughter Allison laughed when I told her I had written and sent the letter to Shirley, “MUM” she said with a chuckle, your not going to hear from her’.

“Yes I will”, I replied to Allison and somehow I knew I would.
The moral of my story this morning really is about reaching for the Stars (metaphorically). Anything you are brave enough to try, will grant you a reward. Believe in miracles, they do come true. Believe in yourself most of all and what you feel in your heart and Soul to be your ‘truth’. Don’t allow other peoples judgements and opinions to overrule your Souls calling to what you have a desire to achieve. There is a Warrior inside all of us. Take a deep breath, stand tall and ‘Go Out on a Limb”, it is never too late to reach up and grasp the Universe with both hands. Embrace the courage to follow your dreams, however big or small.

My mother bought me your book ‘Out on a Limb’ when I was 24 years old.
It changed my life. I have since read it another 2 times. I managed to find CD’s of your ‘Out on a Limb’ mini TV series. I have watched that probably more than 30 times. I get something new from it every time I watch it.

I published my first book ‘By The Way, I Love You’, which I authored under a pen name, Ama Vitam (Latin for love life). I mentioned you in my book, I hope you don’t mind. I wrote about my escape from my abusive, narcissistic husband.

I wrote my book because I want to give other nice people hope that there is a life after abuse. I mentioned you because although my spiritual journey began when I read ‘Out on a Limb’ the first time, it really and truly began when I read it the second time.

A time when I was building my courage and faith and trust in the Universe to better my life and the life of my children. Four years ago I divorced my husband. I healed a lot from that experience because you gave me a belief that changed my life.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I read your book for the 3rd time. I now live a cancer free, happy and healthy life.
When I watch ‘Out on a Limb’, the 2 CD’s that I managed to find, I feel like you and I were perhaps Soul family in another life time. I admire you, adore you and love you.

Thank you Shirley for sharing with me your spiritual beliefs. If you hadn’t perhaps I wouldn’t have had the courage to live the life I have now. A life full of blessings.

I opened ‘Annanda Healing Place’ 4 years ago. Right after I divorced my husband. I give Intuitive Reiki Healing’s for people that come to Annanda. I am also a Medium. I use the psychic gifts that I was born with to help people with their own spiritual journeys.

Gifts that I didn’t have the courage to acknowledge until I read ‘Out on a Limb’ the second time.

I love what I do. I am a healer. This is my purpose. I found my purpose in part mostly because of you. I am so grateful and I ‘appreciate’ you.

I hope you have a beautiful day.

I just had to write to you. I guess you could say I got a ‘message’ to do so ūüôā

Lots of love
Ann Tune